From Bol our trip takes us first to Pučišća, the main town on the island when we think about stonemasonry. The story of stone we will begin by visiting the only stonemason school in this part of Europe. It is located right next to the sea in a deep cove and from it there is a splendid view of the town houses on the hill slopes resembling an amphitheatre. During a break, we will have the opportunity to look for local souvenirs made from the famous Brač stone.

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We continue our excursion with a short drive along the north side of the island passing by olive groves and stone mounds and visit Škrip, the oldest settlement on the island of Brač. Although very small, it still gives you a feel of its long and important history. We will visit scenic viewpoint and remains of iliric city walls before going to the local museum where you can enter in a roman mausoleum and see remains of prehistoric animals from this region and different tools and handmade objects which inhabitants of the island used for fishing, cultivating vineyards and herding sheep.

After this museum, we will visit a different and by all means a very special one: Museum of olive oil. Through the owner’s family story, we will find out how olive oil used to be produced in the old days. We will taste the oil they produce today as well as other island delicacies. After the lunch, we continue to Nerežišća, a town that for centuries served as the capital of the island and the seat of the island duke. A very special little church can be seen in the town, the one of saint Peter with an endemic Dalmatian pine tree growing on its roof.
On our way back to Bol, we will make a short break for pictures and a beautiful view on Vidova gora, the highest peak of all the Adriatic islands.

Itinerery: Bol – Pučišća – Škrip – Nerežišća - Vidova gora - Bol

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