Blaca desert is not a desert in the full sense of the word, but it is a word that describes well its location in the remote and not easily approachable part of the island. The visit to this used to be monastery, today a museum is worthwhile since there you will find a hidden but special place that almost all visitors describe as one of the highlights of their stay on Brač. The uniqueness and value of this glagolitic monastery is visible from the fact that it has been placed on the tentative list of UNESCO heritage sites.

Price: 250 kuna
(ca. 33 Euro)
guaranteed departure

We start our trip from Bol, going across the highest part of Brač, where you can find a nature reserve with a forest of the endemic Dalmatian black pine. From the parking there, we go on foot for about 2.5km (1 hour aprox.) on a medium difficult trail.

Upon arrival, we will be given a one hour tour of the monastery.

In the interior of the monastery, today part of the Museum of Brač, you will see items that the monks collected for centuries, and through great effort and good management kept to this day. Can you believe that this monastery used to be the wealthiest organization on the island, with its own fleet of vessels transporting and selling its products to the world? What is hidden behind the walls of this monastery is a pride to all of the Brač people and it would be a pity to leave it unexplored.

Itinerer: Bol – Blaca – Vidova gora - Bol

Includes: Transfer, Professional Guiding, Hermitage Blaca entrance, Vidova gora Mountain

NOTE: you should have good walking shoes and sun protection + one bottle of water

*pick up possibility in your hotel/apartman at 9:45 h

8:30 h
13:00 h
number of people