BOL – Sightseeing & Wine Tasting

Local song says: «Love is 'pain' ('bol' in Croatian) and Bol is on Brač, who sees it once always comes back.» And this is true. Tradition of tourism in Bol is more than 90 years long. During these years Bol was recognized in Europe and in the world as a small beach town, with picturesque beaches, small unpretentious harbour, stone houses, clean sea and clean streets. Many restaurants offer Mediterranean food, and inhabitants are hospitable. All this is a recipe for successful tourism evidenced by hundreds of guests who return to Bol to spend their holidays.

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However, Bol has much more to offer. It is not only the oldest settlement by the sea on the island but also a place where one of the more important documents written in Croatian cyrillic was written in the 13th century. Besides that, already in antiquity Romans built their villas here. Since the 15th century the Dominican friars live in Bol, where they left a trace not only in the religious but also educational life of the local community. The interesting fact is that for a few years Bol had a Faculty, located in the Dominican monastery.

Viticulture is one of important agricultural activities on the island. Its southern slopes, where Bol is located are the sunniest and there plavac mali, the autochthone variety of grapes grows and gives the wine of the highest quality.

During a three hour walk through the town, we will visit the Dominican monastery with the altarpiece from the Tintoretto school. We will tell some local stories and discover a place that lives on every corner. At the end of our visit we will go for a wine tasting of a good local wine.

Itinerer: Bol 

Includes: professional guiding,  Dominican Monastery entrance, wine tasting

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18:30 h
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