Split – «the most beautiful city in the world» the claim his inhabitants often use and is a line from the unofficial city anthem is the second largest city in Croatia. Its city centre is part of UNESCO world heritage since 1979. The city origins are in antiquity. Diocletian’s palace, which makes the nucleus of the city is the best preserved late antiquity complex in the world. So, it is no wonder that his inhabitants are accustomed to high criteria of antique aesthetics, visible in a way today, for example from the way they dress.

Price: 399 kuna
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On this trip we will get to know the old city, and afterwards you will be left with enough free time to do some shopping, visit an art gallery or a museum or maybe just like locals do, spend a few hours on riva, drinking coffee and watching the sea and passers-by. As true islanders, we will start our trip early in the morning taking a direct catamaran line from Bol. After one hour ride we will arrive to Split harbour in the very centre of the city and as true locals first have some time for coffee and breakfast while watching the city awaken.

After a short break we start our sightseeing using the privilege of an early visit and avoiding the crowds which will show up later in the morning. With our guide we will visit the basements of the Diocletian’s palace, imperial mausoleum turned into a Christian cathedral as well as the temple of Jupiter, now a baptistery. Our walk in the city will lead us to the Golden gate of the palace, then going through the medieval part of the city we will finish our visit on the riva, by the sea. After the sightseeing, our guide will provide you with advice on how to spend the rest of your day in Split. Catamaran that will take us back to Bol leaves at 16.30.

Itinerer: Bol – Split - Bol

Uključuje: transfer katamaronom, stručno vođenje, ulaznica u katedralu, kavu i kroasan

* ovaj izlet potrebno je rezervirati minimalno 3 dana ranije kako bismo mogli garantirati mjesto u katamaranu

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